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Call Us For All Of Your Service Needs!

602-359-6300 or use our Contact Form

After Hours Emergency Service Is Available

° Air-Conditioning Tune-Ups & Repair             ° Garbage Disposals

° Water Heaters                                                  ° Faucets

° Toilets                                                               ° Drywall Repair

° Lighting and Fans                                            ° Flooring Installation & Repair

° Full House Painting & Touch-Up                    ° Door and lock intallation & Repair

Here at Alliance, we are full-service and can do anything for your home or apartment that you need to complete!  Even if you don't see your repair or installation listed, please don't hesitate to call us!  Our knowledgable and dedicated service professionals are eager to help you with even your toughest jobs!  

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